We admire culture for its intrinsic, social and educational values. 
To promote these values and strenthen culture
we calculate its economic impact...

For festivals, events, organizations

Economic impacts are generated by each organization as well as each individual. Usually, economic impact analyses are often processed for cultural and sport events, organizations, festivals, monuments, museums and galleries, but also government expenditure simulations.

We have done studies for festivals Prague spring, Český Krumlov music festival, Smetana's Litomyšl, Let it roll, Prague Quadrennial of scenography, Prague Marathon, Signal festival of light, Capital of culture Pilsen 2015 and many more.

Accurate methodology

For the calculation of economic impacts we use a very accurate cross-sectoral input-output analysis based on the national accounts of the country, by which we can calculate not only direct, but also multiplied effects of an organization on the country's economy.

Our methodology has been certified by the Czech ministery of culture and can be downloaded here (in Czech). 


Free on-line tool

We have developed a free on-line tool Cultural calculator - www.culcal.cz siutable for Czech users (it contains Czech multipliers based on Czech national accounts). The tool is also in English, so you can check it and we would be happy to work on a similar tool for your country!

The Cultural Calculator on-line tool was developed in cooperation with the Arts/Theatre Institut in Prague. 


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